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About Bergen ASCS – School Profile

School ID

Name : Bergen Arts and Science Charter School
School Type : State of NJ Public Charter School
First Year : 2007 – 2008
Chartered for : K-12
Max Enrollment : 1040
District of Residency : Garfield, Lodi and Hackensack


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Mission Statement

The Bergen Arts and Science Charter School’s (BASCS) mission is to provide the ideal environment for the intellectual and social development of its students by utilizing a combined effort of students, educators, families, and the community as a whole.

Bergen Arts and Science Charter School believes an effective and adequate education necessary for the citizens of the future relies heavily on a multidimensional academic curriculum in which all core subjects will be blended together through various teaching methods while promoting the development of a strong character that supports and respects society.

Bergen Arts and Science Charter School believes that focusing on an overall high academic achievement includes providing opportunities for individual skills and talents to develop to higher levels.

Bergen Arts and Science Charter School fosters an atmosphere that promotes enthusiasm on the part of BASCS teachers and students alike, through the challenging academic program, interesting co-curricular activities, and positive rewards for success, resulting in students who seek further challenges and have the desire to continue on the educational path. At BASCS students exhibit the love of learning to the extent of choosing challenging, even competitive academic activities.

School Buildings


State Report Cards

YEARS State Report Cards Charter School Office Report Cards
2013 – 2014 Download Middle School Download
High School Download
2012 – 2013 Download Download
2011 – 2012 Download Download

Bergen Proficiency Scores Over Years

Annual Reports

According to NJDOE charter School Office regulations a charter school is initially approved for four years (subsequently approved for five). In order to ensure each school is living up to its mission and meeting all academic, fiscal and organizational targets mutually agreed upon by the NJDOE and the school, charter schools are required to submit an annual report.

These reports allow for the school to be measured against the Performance Framework on an annual basis and provide a comprehensive snapshot of overall school health and viability. This information is made public so that all school administrators, teachers and families are informed about school progress.

  2015 – 2016 Download
  2014 – 2015 Download
  2013 – 2014 Download
  2012 – 2013 Download
  2011 – 2012 Download
  2010 – 2011 Download
  2009 – 2010 Download
  2008 – 2009 Download
  2007 – 2008 Download

HIB District Report Cards

New Jersey Department of Education School Self-Assessment for Determining Grades under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights District and School Grade Report

  2014 – 2015 Download
  2013 – 2014 Download
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